Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some of my Stamping Buddies - the SOS Jax Group!

SOS - Stamping Overcomes Stress! These are some of my SOS Jax friends (missing Lynn and Sharon and a few others). We have become good friends over the months we've been in Jacksonville and have such a great time together! Our fearless leader, Lee, is second from the left, and "it's ALL her fault"! She's the best! She's a great Stampin' Up demonstrator and a great friend as well. She inspires all of us! I'm really going to miss these special friends and hope to be able to stamp with them again soon!

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  1. I guess I'm just one of the 'few others' Is that because I haven't sent you the pictures I took? I haven't forgotten I just need the hubby to help me out. But I PROMISE as soon as they're ready I'll send 'em. I sure do miss you girl! I hope these 9 months go as quickly as these last 2 months have! Keep in touch lady. You know we miss you and talk about all the time!! love, Karen D