Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hands On Jacksonville projects

Recently I met (by Divine appointment) a lady in Hobby Lobby, who was came around the corner when I announced to my friends with whom I was shopping, "Punches are on sale!". We started talking, introduced ourselves, and found that we had a common interest in stamping and cardmaking. She went on to tell me about her involvement with Hands On Jacksonville and making Cards for Caring. She is a Project Leader for them and recruited me to help. I love a challenge so I jumped aboard and will now be assisting her with this project. This photo shows the five cards that the ladies who attend will be assembling tonight. We will also be making a box to hold the cards and envelopes (thanks to Denise and Karen, who were with me in Hobby Lobby that day and made the envelopes yesterday)! These will be given to those who help at Hubbard House and other centers so that they will be able to write a personal note inside and give a card of caring to someone in need of some love! Great opportunities are everywhere - and I'm thankful to be involved with this one! If you'd care to join us, leave me a comment and I'll let you know the details!

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